Winter fishing intensifies on the Sunshine Coast


WITH this winter being colder than previous years, most days have given way to clear skies and the classic winter westerly wind. The Sunshine Coast is heating up

This saw offshore conditions clear up and reef fish chewing up.

The end of June provided anglers with some great opportunities to land mackerel and snapper before the rains arrived and cooled the water even further.

For many anglers, July meant trying to head for snapper before the annual snapper and pearl perch close.

From July 15 to August 15, all snappers and pearls are off limits to all angling in Queensland.

This is to allow the fish to get away from the pressure of angling to spawn. The Sunshine Coast is heating up

If you are fishing during this time and accidentally land any of the fish, they must be returned.

With many anglers unsure of how to release fish – not to burst the swim bladder when exposed in the mouth – now is a great time to learn or buy a release weight.

For help, just drop in and we’ll walk you through the process.

Dylan Versteegen with a big mangrove dollar.

Winter is the time of year when the swell on the coastal bars is around 1m or less, making sailing in the Noosa Bar safer.

For those heading out under cover of darkness, remember that the whales are migrating, so take it easy and keep the radios on.

If you need flairs, jackets and sailing gear, be sure to pop into Noosa Outdoors, which is next door to Tackle World Noosa.

With offshore water at its coldest for a few months, you can target jewfish, cobia, amberjack, and even longtail tuna in the depths.

These fish make excellent lure fishing targets and you can be very precise if you prefer a challenge.

Depending on your chosen target, you may decide to hit North Reef for jews and cobia, with AJs coming further from Double Island.

As a lure fisherman, it’s important to know your target so you can gear up accordingly.

Inshore reefs will most likely contain smaller sweetlip, tuskfish, cod and cobia, with Sunshine Reef being the most popular system.

If you’re a bait fisherman, you might want to skip the Berley trail while the snappers are on a break and try drift fishing.

Drifting using a parachute or electric motor can yield amazing results. The Sunshine Coast is heating up



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