Waldie Hired as Chief Innovation Officer at Myrtle Beach MyrtleBeachSC News


A former Southwestern foster child, Howard Waldie comes to the city of Myrtle Beach from the city of Virginia Beach, where he served as a senior analyst for the Office of Performance and Accountability. His vast knowledge and experience in urban development, strategic planning, process innovation and service improvement made him the outstanding candidate for this new role.

“Howard brings both practical knowledge of municipal government and real-world experience to making things work better,” said Myrtle Beach City Manager Fox Simons. “As our new Chief Innovation Officer, his job is to help us save time, streamline systems and provide even better service to our residents, businesses and visitors.”

Some of Waldie’s significant projects for the City of Virginia Beach included advocating for the Office of Performance and Accountability, coordinating special projects such as stormwater design regulatory workshops, working on the referendum on flood protection obligations and program management office and execution of departmental performance plans.

Prior to his role as senior performance analyst at Virginia Beach, Howard served as assistant to the city’s deputy manager from 2016 to 2020. He has worked in the public sector since 2011, including as an executive intern and then assistant the Director of Parks and Recreation. with the City of Norfolk, a consultant for organizational retreats and more.

“I am thrilled to join the City of Myrtle Beach and its ‘first in service’ team,” Waldie said. “Myrtle Beach has an outstanding reputation for innovation and forward thinking, and I welcome the opportunity to be part of the city’s rapid progress.”

Waldie received his Bachelor of Science degree in Political Science, an Honors degree, and a minor in Ethics and Philosophy from Arizona State University in 2015. He served as Student Body President for two terms and served as a member of the Board of Trustees. He received a master’s degree in public administration from Rutgers University.




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