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In addition to addressing the issue of signs in public places, hearing how village public safety teams handled the recent tropical downpour causing flooding and the signs proposed by The Square, Tuesday’s village council meeting was filled with a variety of other problems.

* Building manager Rene Velazco said all 37 building owners or managers during the recertification period were responsive. Already, nine are in full compliance.

Finding enough structural engineers — and electrical engineers mandated for thermographic inspections — appears to be a problem as the state and county seek to find a consistent level of stricter compliance, which will include 25-year initial inspections for buildings within 3 miles of the coast and monitored every 10 years. A meeting next week is scheduled at the county level regarding the consolidation.

Vice Mayor Moss, an award-winning architect, pointed out that some – perhaps many – engineers might decide not to participate in these inspections because declaring a building “structurally safe” could lead to legal problems if there is had problems on the road. .

* A critical decision on how sewer service fees will be collected has been deferred until the next Council meeting on July 26.

* Resident Oscar Sardinas applauded the efforts not only of the community, but also of village officials, such as London, Lauredo, McCormick and Mayor Davey, who communicated issues at the K-8 center with officials from the Miami-Dade Public School and Superintendent Dr. José Dotrès. “It was very important to me, and a lot of people are very grateful,” Sardinas said.

* A capital project selecting Restate Construction LLC for public beach access improvements, not to exceed $110,000, has been approved. Work at the southern end of the Sands and between the Beach Club, is expected to begin just after July 4th.

* A motion passed to transfer control of the entrance block sign to the Village Administration from the duties of the Village Secretary.

* The Board’s consensus was to allow the Village to spend up to $10,000 to relocate the beacons 300 feet, before the 15 regulation buoys were placed, clearly marking the vessel exclusion zone on the beach.

“It will be obvious that there is a line that you don’t necessarily want to cross…if a person chooses to walk or swim, if they get run over, it’s on them, unfortunately,” Dr. Roland Samimy, Head of Resilience and Sustainability.

* A resolution authorizing the Village Superintendent to issue a work order to Moffat & Nichol, Inc., for engineering, surveying and marine biology services related to the beach restoration project, not to exceed $80,000 $ has been approved.

This is the second year of a three-year study, which so far has found that some of the seagrass beds have moved out to sea, or migrated, said Dr Samimy, which would be good, “but if the sand pushes (the seagrass beds) off the beach, it’s not good for us,” he said.

* On Friday, Sousa and Williamson will travel to Cocoa Beach, hoping to connect with a new maritime patrol vessel.

* Solar panels will soon be installed at MAST Academy, thanks to the work of the Green Champions team of students and parents, in particular Michele Drucker, who recently left this position.

“They did amazing, amazing things,” McCormick said. “She leaves some really big shoes to fill.”

“You see where these results can lead,” added Mayor Davey.

Key Biscayne Boy Scout Group #149 led the Pledge of Allegiance at the Village Council meeting on Tuesday, June 14, 2022

* Key Biscayne Boy Scout Pack No. 149 led the Pledge of Allegiance and received the colors of the Village Council members on Flag Day, the 246th anniversary of the adoption of the national colors on June 14. Mayor Davey said the village has supported Pack 149 and its leadership, and the growth of the program.

* The Village will host a “Clean Campaign” class at 6 p.m. on June 23 and it will be televised. Those entering the elections and wishing to familiarize themselves with the rules and procedures are especially encouraged to attend the Village Chambers.


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