Twister reports in Sauble Beach


Image submitted by Abbey Twining

An unexpected tornado appears to have swept through Sauble Beach this afternoon.

Residents sent in videos and photos of what appears to be a funnel cloud over the water, as well as a swirling weather system in the Sauble River area at the north end.

There were no watches or warnings issued by Environment Canada for a tornado this afternoon.

At least one street was reportedly closed following weather-related damage.

Resident Mary Kilsch lives at the north end, on the river near the marina and says she was surprised to see sudden damage, explaining: ‘We just heard a loud ‘bang’ and roar and we we kind of got up and just saw a tornado coming up the river.

She adds, “We just saw it tearing up a dock and a few boats straight off the shore,” describing the tornado as bouncing down the river. “He tore up an entire dock, and a boat and knocked over another boat, and sent it down the river,” Kilsch said.

She adds: “There are trees here at the north end and a tree on a person’s roof. So there is damage to the trees after that.

Kilsch says the storm moved upriver and then over land on the east side of the river.

“It was so fast, and when you watch it, you want to keep watching because you’re hypnotized, but you also think it’s coming this way? And should we hide?

Kilsch says he drove by the public parking lot near the Meats N’ More and damaged the trees.

Residents and spectators sent in videos and photos of the twister. If you would like to submit photos or videos, email [email protected]

Video submitted by Sue Thom

Video submitted by Abbey Twining


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