Trump Beach Resort faces lawsuits after pulling out of festival


Photo credit: Leigh Caldwell

Trump International Beach Resort is facing a lawsuit from a concert organizer for a classic rock festival.

The lawsuit was filed in federal court in Ohio by 4U Promotions Inc. against 18001 Holdings LLC, which does business as Trump International Beach Resort in Miami, Florida. The dispute centers on a Decades of Rock & Roll Cruise Reunion festival that was to be held at the resort in October. In June, Trump’s resort town backed out of hosting the festival after months of promising to hand over official contracts.

The lawsuit against Trump Resort alleges breach of contract, violation of Ohio’s Deceptive Practices Act, common law fraud and promissory estoppel. 4U Promotions seeks an indeterminate amount of damages.

4U Promotions has been producing entertainment events and multi-day cruises featuring rock and roll classics since 2011. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the organizer was forced to cancel its 2021 and 2022 cruises. In February, the organizer started planning a new festival to be held from October 6 to 10. On Feb. 18, promoters say they spoke with the Trump resort’s manager or sales, seeking to book rooms and performance space for the event.

The lawsuit alleges that after some back and forth over terms, in March the parties had agreed on rooms and event space. Trump’s resort sales manager said she would draft a formal contract to document the details. 4U Promotions stopped looking for accommodations based on that correspondence, according to the lawsuit.

4U Promotions said when he did not receive an official contract in April, promoters contacted Trump’s resort again. Trump’s resort responded on April 19 and said it would send out the deal in the coming days. The two sides did not communicate again until July 25, when the promoters again reached out for a contract. The resort told 4U it believes organizers have found another venue and it will no longer be able to accommodate the dates.

“The Trump Resort made the representation knowing it to be false or with such disregard and recklessness for the truth or falsity that it can be inferred that the representation was knowingly false, 4U Promotions says in the lawsuit . “The Trump Resort intended to mislead 4UP by relaying the performance.”

“4UP fully performed under contract prior to breach by Trump Resort,” the lawsuit continues. “4UP has extensive damages due to the breach by the Trump Resort. [The promoter] is entitled to compensatory and other damages.


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