Third Maritim opens its doors as a seaside resort in Albania


Albania is becoming increasingly popular as a vacation region, for beach lovers as well as sight-seeing and culture-savvy travellers.

Maritim Hotels has announced its third hotel in the country which has been in operation since June 2022. Maritim Rafaelo Resort is located in the middle of the popular holiday region of Lezha in northwestern Albania, directly by the sea along a long, flat beach, particularly suitable for beach lovers with children. The nearby area offers a wide choice of options for going out and nightlife.

The resort is made up of three building sections with a total of 627 elegant rooms and suites, six restaurants and three bars, two spa and fitness centers as well as outdoor and indoor swimming pools. During the winter months between November and April, only the Deluxe section of the building is open, offering a restaurant and bar as well as a spa, fitness center, and indoor pool.

Facilities further include 2,000 square meters of event and conference space that can accommodate up to 650 people in the largest room, available year-round.

“Many repeat guests have loved the 5-star hotel in the area for years. That is why we are happy to have this prestigious hotel in our portfolio under the Maritim brand,” explains Peter Wennel, Managing Director of Hotel Management Services (HMS) GmbH.

As a subsidiary, HMS has been responsible for the foreign activities of the Maritim Hotelgesellschaft for more than 15 years.

Albania is becoming more and more popular as a holiday region: “A decade ago, Montenegro, Croatia’s neighbor on the Mediterranean coast, presented itself as a travel destination. Today you can find the country in almost every package holiday catalog. Albania, a neighbor to the south, would like to do the same. Four hundred kilometers of sea coast with wide sandy beaches, a multitude of historic buildings and the bustling capital of Tirana – the potential is there”, says Peter Wennel to illustrate the advantages of the region.

“We can recommend Albania to beach lovers as well as sight-seeing and culture-loving travellers,” adds the industry expert.

There are already two Maritim hotels in Albania, which are operated under franchise: the certified 5 star Hotel Maritim Plaza Tiranaoffering a central location in the capital Tirana, as well as the 4 star hotel Maritim Resort Marina Bay in the coastal city of Vlora on the so-called “Albanian Riviera”. Albania’s second international airport is currently under construction in Vlora, and from 2025 around three million passengers a year will be able to arrive and depart.


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