The Frisco Bathhouse and Beach Access project is making great strides


The renovations of Frisco Bathhouse are currently underway. Photo by Joy Crist.

A project to improve the Frisco Bathhouse and Beach Access site just south of the village of Frisco has made great progress since its initial launch on September 15, according to a recent update from the Cape Hatteras National Seashore (CHNS.)

Interior fittings and wall coverings have been removed from the men’s and women’s washrooms.

The $ 896,506 project, which will improve both the parking lot and washrooms at the popular site, has been awarded to TD McGhee Co. of Wilmington, NC, and includes the following improvements:

  • Renovations will be made to the washrooms, including new toilets, urinals, sinks and lighting.
  • The exterior terrace and the shower floor will be replaced with prefabricated concrete panels.
  • The toilets will receive a new coating.
  • Outdoor showers will be replaced.
  • The existing car park with 44 spaces will be extended by 36 spaces. (These additional spaces replace the parking area that was lost due to Hurricane Florence at the former Frisco Pier site.)
  • The parking area will receive a new asphalt pavement. (A short parking lot closure during the asphalt phase of the contract will be required, but public notifications will be made in advance.)

Although the project is a work in progress, as evidenced by construction materials, equipment and work in progress at the site, the following tasks have already been completed or are currently in progress:

  • At the start of the project, the contractor carried out demonstration work inside and outside the building. Interior fittings and wall coverings have been removed from the men’s and women’s washrooms.
  • The contractor is currently working to remove the power supply and the utility pole that powers the building, so that the electricity can be buried to allow for the expansion of the parking lot.
  • The contractor is also currently working on plumbing, tiling, electrical and leveling work to expand the parking lot this week.

The 120-day project is expected to be completed by mid-January 2022, and in the meantime, portable toilets, temporary showers and access to the beach promenade are available to the public.

25 parking spaces at the south end of the parking area will also continue to be available for public use, except during the paving phase of the project.

For more information on the Frisco Bathhouse project, click here.

Temporary toilets are available. Photo by Joy Crist.
Photo by CHNS.
Photo by CHNS.
Photo by CHNS.
Photo by CHNS.


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