Panama City Beach Resort Margaritaville Cottages approved for first phase


PANAMA CITY BEACH, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) — In July 2019, Panama City Beach officials broke ground on 13 acres on Front Beach Road near Crane Street to be transformed into the Margaritaville Resort.

Something the residents of the Bid-a-Wee neighborhood were opposed to. This project has stopped until now. City Council voted unanimously on Thursday to begin construction of a new development on this lot.

The new Panama City Beach project will transport you into the spirit of Margaritaville in the form of residential living.

“It’s starting on the south side, gulf side, right now for 14 lots and there will be single family homes. People can live there or they can also rent them out for short-term rentals,” said the city’s director of construction and planning, Mel Leonard.

The first phase of the Panama City Beach Resort Margaritaville Cottages was given the green light on Thursday to proceed with construction.

“The infrastructure has already started to be put in place, so there’s already been some movement there,” Leonard said.

Movements that the inhabitants of the Bid-a-Wee neighborhood did not want at one time.

“The original development plan that was approved by the city was much bigger than it is now,” Leonard said.

Leonard said the Gulf Side development was originally slated to consist of two 22-story condos.

“This is a significant reduction from what was originally planned. The owners wanted to do something that they felt was more marketable and could be done in a shorter time frame,” Leonard said.

Leonard said it would give our growing county more places for people to live and stay in a more compatible way.

“It also brings in more business because it gives vacationers more places to stay. It also takes away some of the development pressure of having to build another condominium or another hotel necessarily because it’s going to serve this same type of population,” Leonard said.

Those in charge of a paradise city want everyone to enjoy the way Jimmy Buffet would.

We reached out to PCB developer Marg LLC for comment on Thursday, but haven’t heard back.

Leonard said construction should begin within the next few months and be completed within a year. He adds that the whole thing could be built in three to five years.

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