Palm Beach Pretoria gets 35,000 NFTs from its man-made resort, offering lifetime access and exclusive perks

Palm Beach Pretoria

Palm Beach Pretoria Pty Ltd offers a multi-luxury man-made resort by 2025 and offers NFTs to early adopters with lifetime access.

PRETORIA, GAUTENG, SOUTH AFRICA, July 22, 2022 / — Palm Beach Pretoria, a luxury man-made resort and spa in South Africa, is set to launch in 2025 and aims to be Africa’s largest recreational man-made beach and ocean aquarium. The project will feature a myriad of amenities, including 20,000 indoor concert arenas, 300 5-star luxury beachfront accommodations, a world-class food court, 35,000 secure parking lots, the world’s largest P2E games and the artificial surf plus Wave Beach, to name a few. Since the project is in its early stages of development, it offers NFTs to increase investment and will provide several exclusive benefits to owners.

The Palm Beach Pretoria Resort will also be home to over 500 residential developments with exquisite landscaping and a state-of-the-art security system. To ensure that the project is completed on time, the company generates additional funds and uses NFT as one of the means to achieve this. NFT owners will get a lifetime membership to the resort with 7 days reservation notice. In addition, they will each year benefit from a free accommodation of 3 days in its luxurious deluxe rooms.

The company will also offer complimentary access to amenities such as the Palm Beach Pretoria Ocean Aquarium, 3 VIP concerts per year, access to Palm Beach Pretoria’s world-class food court and live entertainment. dancing fountain. The biggest benefit that NFT owners will get is the growth in the value of their NFT assets as the popularity of the station increases. Anyone interested in learning more about the Palm Beach Pretoria resort or getting their NFT tickets can visit our websites. and

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