Organization providing mental health training and resources to Palm Beach resort staff


It’s Mental Health Awareness Month and WFLX continues to raise awareness of available services and resources, this time in the workplace.

Hundreds of Breakers Palm Beach team members work together to make the time special for visitors.

“It’s not just about making a living when you work for the Breakers, it’s about making a living,” said Pat Ciavola, Director of Membership Development for the team.

Part of enriching this life is getting team members through mental health training.

“Housekeeping, stewardship, golf, the person who checks you in at the front desk, the restaurant servers — all positions,” Ciavola said.

Since 2018, the Alpert Jewish Family Service has been training resort team members on how to recognize mental health issues.

So far, 400 executives and more than 300 non-executive employees of the wreckers have completed the training. This training is offered to other organizations in the region.

“It’s really important to have an open conversation, in the workplace, where we spend a lot of our time,” Ciavola said. “It’s important to reduce the stigma around mental health issues.”

Training courses give team members tips on how to start a conversation.

“So we’re here for eight hours a month, training team members on how to recognize signs and symptoms in the community, in their workplace, in their families,” Cindy Wides said. “We’re not trying to diagnose.”

Wides is the Alpert Director of Mental Health First Aid and Jewish Family Outreach. Following the training, the organization provides resources.

“If we can get everyone healthy and aware and get people the help they might need, their production level will go up,” Wides said. “It’s a safer place to work.”

“And your work life is just part of that,” Ciavola said. “Your life outside of work is another big part of that. So we want people to feel fulfilled and happy.”

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