OPTX is the data software of choice at Quinault Beach Resort and Casino


“We are thrilled to partner with Quinault Beach Resort and Casino to enhance their guest experience and revenue,” said Brooke Fiumara, co-CEO at OPTX. “With OPTX, properties can expect real-time, actionable data to help guide top-down decision-making. Welcome to the team, Quinault!”

OPTX provides an end-to-end solution focused on slots, marketing and campaigns, player development and artificial intelligence. Available through desktop and mobile apps, the data intelligence used by OPTX creates actionable recommendations for casino operators, delivers individualized real-time insights to ensure no actionable player is missed, and enables teams to spend less time compiling data and more time implementing strategies. that increase the number of visits, revenue and profitability.

For more information about OPTX or to schedule a demo, visit www.OPTX.com.

OPTX was founded in mid-2019 by former casino executives who believe that only when operations, people and technology come together can deliver impactful results. The OPTX solution is designed from the ground up to simplify complex processes and improve operational efficiency. As an enterprise technology solution for casino operators, OPTX gathers meaningful player data from multiple source systems, cleanses it and then presents it in an understandable and clear manner. For more information on OPTX, visit www.OPTX.com.



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