Miami Spa Month at Trump International Beach Resort


WHY IT RATES: During the “Miami Spa Month” special, the Trump International Beach Resort is offering treatments starting at $109. —Codie Liermann, Editor-in-Chief

Whether you’re looking to relax with that special someone or just need some “me time,” let Aquanox Spa at Trump International Beach Resort Miami pamper you this summer. The newly remodeled spa offers a specially curated menu for Miami Spa Month from July 1 through August 31, 2022, with treatments starting at just $109.

Aquanox Spa offers holistic remedies to help clients relax, rejuvenate and restore balance. Miami Spa’s special treatments of the month include:

SUMMER RESCUE PACK I 45 minutes, $109

Treat yourself to the sun, then save your skin with a Dilo Butter sunburn savior full body wrap.

SERENE SUMMER I 60 minutes, $109

Unwind with a soothing Swedish lavender aromatherapy massage.

SKIN I SESSION 50 minutes, $109

Renew your summer glow with a personalized facial. Products are personalized for each guest to produce a radiant complexion; includes steam, extractions and mask.

SUMMER LOVE I 60 minutes, $139

Schedule time for some summer love with a special treat for yourself, and unwind with a 30-minute facial and 30-minute quick massage.

MUSCLE MELTING I 60 minutes, $139

Melt away tension and stress deep in the muscles and relieve those pains.

MOM MOMENT I 60 minutes, $139

Take a moment to pamper yourself and the little one with a prenatal massage (must be in second trimester).

ISLAND GETAWAY I 90 minutes, $199

Escape the daily routine and step into a luxurious full body treatment with pure coconut oils from the island of Fiji. Includes a 45 minute body scrub and a 45 minute massage.

DEEP TRANCE I 90 minutes, $199

Relax into a deep state of serenity as your therapist combines healing essential oils, aromatherapy, and hot stones with a personalized deep tissue treatment.

MERMAID FOR A DAY I 90 minutes, $199

Feel the sea on your skin and detox with a seaweed body treatment and mini facial. As you absorb the minerals, detangle your hair with a serene hair and scalp massage. Includes a 45 minute full body wrap, 30 minute facial, and 15 minute hair and scalp treatment.

MEDLEY I MASSAGE 90 minutes, $199

Unwind with a triple treatment of massage techniques and feel renewed, relaxed and refreshed.

SWEET SUMMER I 45 minutes, $199

Come with your summer darling and spend the day in pure relaxation with a Swedish couples massage.

The spa is open from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Miami Spa Month treatments can be booked any day of the week except Monday or Tuesday.

Perks and amenities include free valet parking, a steam room, and sauna. Taxes and gratuities are not included in Miami Spa Month treatment prices.

For more information or to book a treatment, please call 305-692-5730 or email [email protected]


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