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Visitors to Sandy Point and Sunbreaker Cove will have to pay to play this summer.

Lacombe County announced March 3 that beginning May 1, paid parking will be required for anyone parking at Sandy Point Beach or the boat ramps at Sandy Point and Sunbreaker Cove.

“With an increasing number of people accessing the lake via the beach and boat ramps, Lacombe County felt it was time to implement a payment system for users of these amenities. This will help with the maintenance and upkeep of these facilities, as well as meet future needs,” said Lacombe County Executive Tim Timmons. “HotSpot Parking will be convenient for users and will provide safe and maintained access to the lake for all users to enjoy.

Over the next few weeks, signage will be installed in all affected parking lots to encourage users to use their mobile devices to pay for parking with HotSpot Parking Inc. HotSpot is currently used by a number of municipalities and organizations. The county said there are several benefits to using a mobile payment option.

Users can also pay for their initial session and any remote recharge if they wish and users can end a session early and be refunded for any unused time (Sandy Point Beach only) The app will also notify users when their time is close to expiring and offer the possibility to add more time up to the maximum for the spot. If a visitor can’t or won’t download the mobile app, you can scan the QR code and make your payment via a quick checkout option.

“We know this will be an adjustment, but we felt it was important to adopt a user-pay system for these facilities to help offset the county’s operating costs” , said Barb Shepherd, prefect of Lacombe County. “We are pleased to provide access to Gull Lake and Sylvan Lake through these facilities, and we believe this new paid parking system will ensure that these facilities can be maintained and used to their full potential for residents and visitors. »

The county said contracted peace officers and commissionaires will use a combination of education and parking violation tags to enforce these new requirements during the 2022 season.

Parking at Sandy Point Beach will cost $3 an hour or $15 for the day. The Sandy Point and Sunbreaker Cove boat launches will cost $20 per day for launch and parking, $10 for launch only, and $10 for parking additional vehicles only without a trailer. Visitors won’t have to pay extra if you park at their campsite, driveway or residence.

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