Great Activities at Wiborg Beach


Bathrooms and lifeguards are in store at Wiborg.

At Wiborg Beach in the Village of East Hampton, a 300 square foot bathroom is proposed to be built, the first ever on this beach. Vincent Guardiello, director of the Raynor Group, a civil engineering company, presented the plan to the village council at its meeting on Friday.

Deputy Mayor Chris Minardi announced in January that lifeguards and toilets would come to Wiborg by summer. “We took a look at the building at Two Mile Hollow Beach and are proposing something similar for here,” Mr. Guardiello told the board.

In making his recommendations, Mr. Guardiello, along with Marcos Baladron, the village administrator, and David Collins, superintendent of public works, “examined the conditions” in the Wiborg parking lot. Two parking spaces would be lost under the current plan.

Where to locate the bathroom was the question: in the northeast corner of the lot or in the northwest? Engineers favor northeast, citing traffic flow as the decider. “Vehicles entering the lot from the highway behind the pond are directed west, so there is more conflict there than with the northeast corner,” Mr. Guardiello said. By the time a car pulls into the northeast corner, it “leaves the facility,” he noted, “instead of being eager to get to the beach.”

Due to the unevenness between the dunes and the terrain, retaining walls will be necessary. The walls, he said, will have a “decorative look, instead of pouring a concrete structure into them”.

“The retaining walls are for the dune? asked board member Rose Brown.

“Yes, to keep the note,” was the reply. “The building would be nestled in there.”

A new septic system, public water and electric service are included in the proposal. Two outdoor showers would be constructed on the east side of the building, with a water fountain between the two toilets. To the west, there would be a small storage area for lifeguard equipment and mechanics.

The showers would drain into a dry well created to capture runoff from the roof. “The health department doesn’t allow us to evacuate into the sanitation system,” Guardiello said. “Any drain in that area is likely to be filled by a storm. They don’t want you draining that into your treatment system.

“And the building is ADA accessible?” said Mrs. Brown.


Village building inspector Tom Preiato wanted to make sure there would be enough space between the bathroom and the retaining walls for “a firefighter to walk through”.

“We have a minimum separation from the building to the wall, to create a maximum distance between the property line and the building,” replied Mr. Guardiello. “But we have to make sure we meet fire code requirements.”

With board approval, the Raynor Group will take the next step, to apply to the Suffolk County Department of Health for approval of the proposed septic system.

In other business on Friday, the council approved nearly $15,000 in Buckley Plantations for what is known as ‘the Tesla lot’, on the corner of Newtown and Osborne Lanes, where Tesla has installed many electric car chargers .

“Is this going to cover the Tesla lot?” asked board member Tiger Graham.

“The plan is, with the Tesla lot, to basically surround it with a tall hedge, let’s say,” Mayor Jerry Larsen said. “And we will also remove the second sidewalk cut there. So everything will enter through the building department curb and then into the Tesla lot. So, by the way, you won’t even see the Tesla parking lot.

“Is that what this money is for?” Mr. Graham repeated.

“The site plan will be presented at the next council meeting,” replied Mr. Baladron.

Mr. Graham persisted. “This money is for these plantations?”

“Yes, if council chooses to proceed with the site plan,” Baladron said.

“Can we plant at the Tesla lot to block the electric units whether we change the configuration of the lot or not? I thought it was part of the proposition that there was landscaping, shielding. . . . “

Mr. Larsen stopped him. “You’ll see the site plan at the next meeting,” he says. “Passing from outside the lot, you won’t see these electrical panels. You will see them from inside.

But, Ms. Brown said, wasn’t Tesla supposed to “manage” the land, add the landscaping and, as announced at a November board meeting, be responsible for ” 98% of the costs”?

“Tesla was certainly prepared to put in shrubbery to block equipment, but that’s really just in case it wasn’t to the satisfaction of the board,” Baladron said. “I wanted to at least make sure we had that in place.”

The board then turned to a brief discussion of Town Pond, where the water level is still not where it should be. An additional $5,750 will go to the pond, this time in the form of a new well. Mr Collins reminded the council that Gregor Well Drilling, which had been called in to consult, had deemed the current well “unrecoverable”.

Mr Collins received two quotes for a new well and the council awarded the contract to a Calverton company, Casola Well Drilling.


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