Government ‘still in talks’ over access to Cabbage Beach


Publicist Clint Watson. (File photo)


Senior Panel Reporter

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Press Secretary Clint Watson said the government was still in discussions on how to secure access to Cabbage Beach.

Lack of access to the beach by route has been a recurring problem for years. The entry point in question to the beach was closed over the weekend, angering traders in the area.

“They are in talks,” Mr Watson said last week. “The Minister of Tourism said they were discussing. It’s one of those funny situations. The area, the property that we normally use to access the beach is of course private property, but of course you know that the beach does not belong to anyone. So the question here is how do you create access and that’s the challenge, how do you negotiate that, how do you get around that. The Minister of Tourism should have an update for us, they still have another meeting to do and he will provide an update on this after this meeting. But that’s the problem, how to provide access because it’s somebody’s land.

Access Industries owns the land which provides an entry point to the popular beach. When the beach entry point was closed last June, the company said it was for safety reasons while clearing a hotel. Former tourism minister Dionisio D’Aguilar said at the time that he was blindsided by the decision.

In 2016, former Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis, who was in opposition at the time, marched with protesters to remove a fence blocking the same access point.

During his last term, former Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham had fences erected by private owners to seal off access to demolished beaches.

Mr Ingraham said no Bahamian should be banned from going to a beach because no beach in the country was private.


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