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when indie darling Stardew Valley welcomed patch 1.5 nearly a year and a half ago, fans were greeted with a brand new post-game area called Ginger Island. However, getting there was no easy feat and the prerequisites remain unchanged to this day. The island includes several regions named after the four cardinal directions, and players initially arrive on its southern shores. A stone’s throw from the landing stage is a small area where players can manage a Beach Resort as soon as they unlock it.

Even think of setting sail for Stardew ValleyFor the perfect virtual getaway, players must restore the community center to its former glory or tackle the quests surrounding the development of JojaMart first. Only then will they be tasked with fixing Willy’s dilapidated boat, after which they will have to prepare their wallets. Since all good things come at a price, each trip to the remote paradise of the Fern Islands archipelago will cost players 1,000 gold.

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How to Unlock Ginger Island Resort and Who Its Customers Are

Once at Ginger Island, players should head west until they reach a house that is visibly in poor condition. Unlike other buildings in Stardew Valley, this island farm requires no wood or stone to repair. Instead, presenting a nearby parrot with 20 Golden Nuts will trigger an unusual sequence in which a flock of rowdy birds quickly delivers a fully functional farm. While it may seem simple at first, getting the nuts needed for repairs is a whole different story.

During their stay in this part of the archipelago, players will exchange golden nuts for the services of parrots. This currency is unique to Ginger Island, and there are a total of 130 nuts scattered across the landmass. While some of them hide in plain sight, others can be acquired by farming, fishing, killing monsters, playing mini-games, solving puzzles, tilling the ground, or even breaking crates found in the Volcano Dungeon.

Upon successful farm restoration, another parrot will appear on the beach near the south island dock. For the flock of feathered tinkerers to work wonders, players must part with another 20 golden nuts. Once they do, however, a resort town will grace the island with its presence, and players can expect to run a new business. Players can adjust the Resort’s availability to visitors for the next day by interacting with the panel between the two doors of the changing room bungalow.

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Various Pelican Town villagers will become patrons of the resort, diligently arriving at 11 a.m. and departing at 6 p.m. each non-rainy day with no holiday event. When Gus occasionally joins the random set of visiting villagers, he will assume the role of bartender and allow players to purchase drinks, including a gold star mango wine and an exclusive tropical curry recipe.

The Perks of Unlocking Ginger Island Resort

Along with the unique opportunity to unlock new conversations and see guests wearing their beachwear, the Beach Resort rebuild includes other more practical perks. For one, the previously locked area that leads to the southeast region of Ginger Island will become accessible. Within it, mysterious events and fun mini-games take place during a specific time period.

The first section players will encounter when exploring Southeast Island is an unusual beach with a star-shaped pond in the middle. On rainy days, a mermaid will appear on a large rock near the shore, located at the bottom right of the screen. Solving her riddle and playing the mermaid’s song will reward players with five golden nuts to use elsewhere on the island. Fishing in the star-shaped pond and digging up the nearby patch of dirt surrounded by golden starfish will yield two more nuts.

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Adventurous players can discover a secret entrance to Pirate Cove in the northeast corner of the beach, just past the golden starfish. Although it is possible to enter the premises of the cove at any time, not much can be seen within its walls during the day. However, the cove is home to Stingray and the Gourmet Statue, which can only be obtained by fishing in its southeast basin. A Golden Walnut also lurks, buried between two seemingly random barrels.

If players decide to visit the cove on a non-rainy, even day after 8 p.m., they’ll be treated to a lively pirate party. If players are feeling particularly supportive of local scallywags and don an eye patch, pirate hat, or deluxe pirate hat, the bartender will offer them a flask of mead. Beating the Darts Pirates score three times will result in three Golden Walnuts, and the minigame remains accessible even after the lucrative prizes are gone.

While the exploration aspects of an unlocked Beach Resort clearly cater to Stardew Valleyof replayability, one of the most relevant reasons to pursue its restoration lies in fast travel. In addition to a rebuilt Farm and a newly purchased Mailbox, a working Resort is a prerequisite for building a Farm Obelisk. With the help of her mystical powers, Beach Resort owners can travel to the mainland whenever they need a break from their getaway adventures.

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