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We have just traversed the realm of the unknown – daring to venture beyond the limits of our imagination in search of dream home architecture unknown beyond our wildest fantasies.

It’s in the mystifying sphere that we stumble upon this sensationally eerie seaside abode with a seemingly defying norm that rejects the ordinary, the predictable and the boring.

How about visualizing yourself, your family and friends splashing around in a one-of-a-kind, two-tier, double-trailing (infinity) edge pool with a floating section above the other. Or take advantage of the open-air showers, wooden deck, revitalizing hot tub and separate outdoor tub, outdoor bar, BBQ, rattan-covered garden dining area, pool creek private beach with cabana and fire pit with cozy and comfortable seating for cold evenings.

Can you imagine walking on shatterproof, see-through glass floors on rocks in the bathrooms? Wow! Other areas are cement-based flooring. Look at the colorful wine bottles set into the interior walls for maximum ornamental effect, or the river stones, mosaic tiles, as well as seashells, creating intricate patterns of embellishment on various interior/exterior surfaces. The dominant color, turquoise, is a whitewash, much cheaper than ordinary paint.

Substantial use of reclaimed wood, twigs (thin tree branches), driftwood (wood washed ashore), and thatched roofs work together to orchestrate this rustic vibe. Custom-designed furnishings are choice, locally handcrafted teak, guango, cedar and driftwood. Some ceilings are blue mahoe wood.

The floor plan, under the watchful eye of the surrounding sea, includes six bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms; living room and dining room; a kitchen (with concrete countertops and guango cabinets); a games room (with bar); a private gym (with steam shower); balconies and terraces.

Interestingly, the free-spirited tropical space is sustainably designed to pay homage and blend with the natural surroundings, right down to its alluring and physically curved lines, as nature has no straight lines or sharp angles. Other eco-friendly features include rainwater harvesting, gray water recycling for irrigation, and alternative solar and wind power systems.

This primitive-looking house, at first glance, is very forward-looking with its technology. It is artfully designed and executed in a simple, barefoot luxurious style – a haven of relaxation.

Its geographic coordinates will guide you in the offbeat direction of Calabash Bay, Treasure Beach and St Elizabeth – somewhere between fun and more fun.

Barry Rattray is a designer and builder of dream homes. Email your comments to [email protected] and [email protected]


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