Designs approved for new regional beach access in South Walton


WALTON COUNTY, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) — It’s no secret that thousands of people love going to the beach, and in South Walton, the beach experience is affected by the availability of public parking lots.

A proposed new public beach access would add parking spaces to the beach access at Walton Dunes.

It is currently in the design phase.

This regional beach access would be constructed on the Beachfront Trail.

There would be restrooms, a place to load and unload, and golf cart parking.

Some Walton Dunes neighbors are opposed to the project.

They said it would bring too many tourists to the area and harm the environment.

“Stop that now before you go any further down the road with this. Unlike some of the other places the TDC (Tourist Development Council) is working on trying to improve beach access, this one has no commerce, it’s a fully developed residential area,” Lisa Minshew, attorney for the Beach Front Town Home Owners Association, said.

Some Walton County residents said it was a good thing for the county to build the new regional beach access and additional parking lot.

“What about all the other houses in this area that might suffer because they don’t have those kinds of facilities. If we asked neighbors everything we’re trying to do, we wouldn’t have roads, bridges, parks or anything,” said Walton County resident Chas Galloway.

The plans have been approved by the County Board of Commissioners.

A 30A multi-use path at Beachfront Road is also being tendered for construction at this time.

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