Clean Coasts to restore sand dunes at Seapoint Beach


Clean Coasts will meet at the car park near the main entrance to Seapoint Beach, Termonfeckin at 11am this Saturday.

ermonfeckin strand / Seapoint is close to the northern end of the Boyne Shore SAC (1957), just where the Ballywater stream enters the sea.

Further south, the strand becomes an SPA, as well as a SAC, however, there is a significant problem with the erosion of non-SAC sand dunes, and it has been recognized as an area that could greatly benefit from the marram grass planting.

Coastal erosion mainly occurs during strong winds, high waves, high tides and storm surges which can cause the coastline to recede.

Coastal erosion can have a dramatic effect on the environment and on human activity, such as damaged infrastructure and property lost in the sea, etc. This process can also threaten important wildlife habitats, the safety of people on the coast and economic activities such as tourism.

The preservation and reinforcement of soft structures by the coast, such as sand dune systems, plays an important role in increasing and maintaining biodiversity which also contributes to coastal protection as these systems can act as barriers natural coastal defences.

The group aims to walk to blow areas, with light refreshments provided during the day.

Toilets are accessible at the Seapoint Golf Club links, while a safety briefing will be given, along with tools provided. Facilitation will be given to everyone on how to do the planting.

Those wishing to participate in the day are advised to bring suitable footwear and a raincoat.


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