Beach walkways damaged in recent storm need repair at Carolina Beach

For safety reasons, some aisles had to be closed.
Walkways damaged in the November 2021 storm at Carolina Beach (Photo: City of Carolina Beach)

CAROLINA BEACH, NC (WWAY) – The City of Carolina Beach has said several of the public beach access walkways were damaged during the recent rising tide and storm system. For security reasons, some had to be closed.

Here is a list of impacted gateways and their status:

  • Access to South Carolina Avenue: the steps leading to the beach are gone, need to be replaced
  • Access to Ocean Boulevard: stairs to the beach are damaged and need to be repaired – the public can temporarily use the Hatteras ramp
  • Access to Alabama Avenue: disabled ramp missing and support post missing, need to be replaced
  • Access to Texas Avenue: need to add stairs to land safely on the beach
  • Scotch Bonnet Lane Access: disabled ramp damaged, to be repaired
  • Access to Sand Dollar Lane: disabled access ramp tilted and in need of repair – open to the public

ACAM authorized the city to make the necessary repairs, and staff created a list of the materials needed to complete the work. Minor repairs will be done this week, while larger repairs will be done from the week of November 29.


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