Accra-Tema beach road users want the project to be fast-tracked for quick completion


For many residents of Tema, Sakumono, Nungua, Spintex, Teshie and La and surrounding areas, the Accra-Tema Beach road is a lifesaver as it offers them an alternative route from the Tema Accra highway.

The Beach Road is thus one of the main roads that facilitate traffic from the motorway. Although critical, the road did not see a major facelift until recently when the Minister for Roads and Motorways cut the grass for work to begin on the stretch.

Works on the section include a two-way, four-lane urban road, road signaling system and related ancillary works, as well as a three-level interchange at the Nungua Barrier.

The 26.6 kilometer road expansion works, which started in August 2020, has resulted in heavy vehicle congestion on the already busy road due to road reconstruction from Terminal 3 of Tema Port to La. This made its use unappealing to some. road users who are unhappy with the approach employed by the contractors, which they believe has contributed to the huge car traffic.

“I stay in Accra and work in Tema. Because of the construction, I always arrive at work late and vice versa.

Some motorists using the stretch are equally frustrated by the situation.

“At this first intersection, between 6 a.m. and about 8:30 or 9 a.m., there is a huge traffic jam of vehicles because of the construction. The dust is also very unbearable.”

“The sidewalk here is bigger and the road itself is narrow. We don’t even know if they will give this place to traders to sell or not. They are just wasting land, added another driver.

If you’ve used the road before, you’ll notice that buying and selling is quick on the stretch. What has been the impact of traffic congestion on businesses. One trader had this to say:

“Sales have dropped considerably due to road construction and the style adopted by contractors. Passengers now frequent the use of taxis, which has had a negative impact on business. »

A major concern of committed road users was the approach taken to construction. Two project engineers were then contacted to verify whether such concerns were justified. The first is Bright Laweh who said, “As part of our strategy to complete this project on time, we have decided to split into groups. As one group works from Teshie, the other group will be in Nungua. We also have adequate machines”.

Another Enoch engineer is calling on motorists to stay calm as they do everything possible to complete the project on time.

“Drivers can’t stand us because we have closed parts of the road, but they will prefer to use where we have closed. Some of them are men in the back who work on bridges. We put everything in work to make the construction fast. Why don’t we want to finish on one side and continue on the side because it creates traffic”.

The contribution of the Accra Beach Road to reducing traffic congestion in and around the metropolis of Tema is immense. Its reconstruction is now a source of income for people, who intentionally block off part of it to prevent motorists from using it unless they are incited. For most of these drawbacks and more, the clarion call is that work be done to complete this very important national project on time.


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