Abortion ban should be decided by voters, not politicians


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Put it on the ballot

I recently watched the House of Representatives debate on SC H.5399, a ban on abortion with a limited exception for the life of the mother. I, as a woman, fear when the government interferes with our health care, and I am mystified by men in positions of power who pontificate about things they never have, and will never know.

I observed that Rep. Krystle Matthews, D-Berkeley, called for the bill to be reviewed as a ballot initiative and let voters decide the abortion ban issue. The motion was filed immediately. To be honest, that was the only sane idea I heard at the hearing.

Every pregnancy, like every woman, is unique. Reproductive health should be in the hands of the woman and her doctor. We are the experts when it comes to our lives, our bodies and our children. We should be the ones making the rules.

Put the Abortion Ban Bill on the ballot and let us decide.

Florence Barba, Myrtle Beach

tell us more

The public needs more information about the trustees of USC’s board of trustees.

A brief summary of each board member would be instructive.

Explain how someone becomes a board member. How are they selected? What policies are involved? Are board members paid to serve? If yes how much? Who determines their remuneration?

USC is a multi-million dollar operation. Are there potential conflicts of interest between a fiduciary’s activities and USC’s business expenses or contracts?

The legislator wanted to restructure the council but what is the “structure”? The good old system with legislators and the board of directors seems intact.

Kim Chillag, Colombia

Graham’s staggering threat

It is a pathetic sight to see our senator, Lindsey Graham, threatening violence in defense of a corrupt politician.

Senator Graham said that if Trump is prosecuted for “mishandling classified information”, then “…there will be rioting in the streets”.

The ex-president did not “mistreat” classified information. He knowingly took and refused to return classified documents, treating them as his personal property.

Senator Graham must understand that the majority of our citizens, who are loyal to the United States, do not tolerate lawless violence disguised as “freedom”, as we saw last year on January 6th.

If Senator Graham truly believes in “law and order” and “justice,” he should welcome the Justice Department’s investigation of former President Trump.

If he doesn’t, he and others like him, interested only in wealth and power, should be eliminated.

Palmira Brummett, Beaufort

Use Retired Ships

The homeless population should be provided with a supportive and safe environment. There are turnkey residences all over the country in the form of mothball fleets, Navy ships no longer in service, destined to be sunk for fish habitats and other environments.

They were good enough for our military heroes to live and fight in, they should be more than good enough to become a supportive rehab community. They could be connected to the mainland as a dock system in traditional communities with job training and other programs designed to get people back on their feet.

A color coding system for each ship could indicate the level of progress made by that community. Federal government involvement along with state and community involvement would make it a societal and economic moral uplift.

Stephen Mount, Gaston


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