39 apartments damaged by fire at Promontory Point in Newport Beach – Orange County Register


A 4-alarm fire that broke out at Promontory Point Apartments in Newport Beach on Sunday damaged 39 apartments, according to a statement sent to residents.

Newport Beach firefighters declined to comment on the investigation or the cause of the fire, which broke out around 10 a.m. at 200 Promontory Drive West. They also did not provide a damage estimate. Newport Beach Police Sgt. Joshua Vincelet said arson was not suspected.

But Promontory Point resident Senicia Burke said she was told by firefighters her kitchen was the epicenter of the blaze and the fire was electrical. Burke, who lived with her daughter at the complex, said they weren’t home when the fire broke out, but she ran back after learning about it in a phone call.

The blaze attracted 65 firefighters, and two of them were sent to hospital after being exposed to the intense heat. They were treated and released.

Promontory Point uses a dual fire alarm system, including smoke detectors in individual units and a large commercial fire alarm system throughout the complex, according to City of Newport Beach spokesman John Pope.

“City records show an initial notice was issued in February citing deficiencies in the fire alarm system. A second notice was given in March, ordering repairs to the system. We understand repairs were underway as of September 11, 2022, when the fire occurred,” Pope said in an email.

Promontory Point declined to comment on its fire alarm system, citing the fire department’s ongoing investigation.

“We fully support the Newport Beach Fire Department in their review of the incident and are conducting our own internal review to understand the cause of the fire and the effectiveness of the community’s fire safety procedures,” the department said. property manager Rebecca Corey in a statement.

In an update to residents Thursday morning, Promontory Point said 17 households will require long-term relocation and will be placed in a similar apartment within another community. Additional assistance with affected furniture and household items is also available, and residents will receive a full security deposit refund and rent credit for the days moved, according to the statement.

Another 22 households would be temporarily displaced for one to four weeks, the statement said, and for them “financial assistance or temporary housing options will be provided”.

Burke said she lost most of her belongings in the fire. For security reasons, she was prohibited from returning to the unit to try to retrieve her belongings, she said.

The complex has a total of 520 apartments.


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